1. By filling out and submitting this registration, the registering person is confirming his or her intent to participate in Love Swing Dance Festival 2018 (LSDF2018) part of Balkan Lindy Hop Championship 2018 (BLHC2018).

2. In order to participate he/she must hold a Party Pass or a Full Pass to LSDF2018(BLHC2018) and pay the required entry fees.

3. In the case of registering a couple or team competition (except Cabaret Division where every competitor have to register on his own and put the name of the division), only one person holds responsibility for the payment relevant to the respective competitions.

4. All the participants during the event agree to these Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct, as well as to later instructions given by the Organizers and other persons involved in the event.

5. Participant registering for Full Pass – (all parties & workshops):

a) Will be prioritized based on successful couple registration. If you have a partner to register with, you should fill his/hers name in the corresponding field during the registration. When BOTH partners submitted their personal registrations, your registration will be approved. After receiving “Registration Validation and Payment Details” email, each participant have 14 days to make the corresponding payment.

b) If you are registering without a partner, you are put in a waiting list, until someone in the same level registers without a partner. After a successful match between you two, you will receive “Registration Validation and Payment Details” e-mail. Then each of you have 14 days to make the Single Pass payment.

6. Filling the registration form does not guarantee participation in LSDF2018 and BLHC2018. After successful submission of the form, each participant should receive “Registration Validation and Payment Details” email. In the case of registering without a partner, where you are in a waiting list, you will receive this email after a successful partner match. Then, to secure participation each registrant is bound to make the corresponding pass payment in 14 days.

5. On the date a registrant receives information regarding the chosen payment method and the final amount due in order to finalize the corresponding pass reservation is bound to pay the whole required payment within 14c.d., or his/ her registration may be cancelled. Please be advised that any transaction costs are to be paid by the participants.

6. If a registrant decides to cancel his/her event registration then:

a) Within 10 days of payment (except in the situation in point c) – the total amount will be reimbursed after deducting the necessary bank fees.

b) After 10 days of payment – only 50% of the sum will be reimbursed, after deducting the necessary bank fees.

c) if this occurs after August 1st, 2018, we will be making no reimbursements (except cases of injury or force majeure circumstances), after deducting bank fees.

7. Transferring a registration to another person (couple) is possible only after organizer’s knowledge. Be advised that equal registration and pass details (track, level, leader/follower) must be met. Please contact us for further information.

8. Love Swing Dance Festival organizers do not take responsibility for accidents or losses, thefts or harm that occur to participants at the event for whatever reason, unless such harm comes from the fault of the organizers themselves.

9. Love Swing Dance Festival organizers do not take responsibility for chance events and unforeseen circumstances (e.g. illness of instructors) and their consequences.

10. The LSDF organizers reserve the right to make reasonable changes to the schedule before and through the duration of event. If the event is canceled by the organizers – refund to each registrant will be equal to 80% of the previously transferred amount.

11. The organizers reserve the right to use any photographs and film taken during LSDF2018 for promotional reasons.

12. Privacy policy: Information from Lindy Hop Bulgaria is collected only through direct input from customers such as email, names, address, phone number. The information is collected for personalization of the interaction with the website, improvement of the website and the services, execution of the offered services and user data is not distributed/shared/sold to third parties. All necessary precautions to ensure the security of the user data has been taken. Users have the right to contact us and request to delete or change all personal information.


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