Lindy Hoppers of the world, you are officially invited to LOVE SWING DANCE FESTIVAL and Balkan Lindy Hop Championships 3-6 October in Plovdiv – Bulgaria! Competitors from all over the globe are coming to this ancient city to throwdown, show their talents and win amazing prizes!!

• Junior Lindy Routine • Pro Classic Routine
• Open Classic Routine
• Pro Showcase Routine
• Open Showcase Routine
• Team Routine
• Solo Team Routine
• Open Mix & Match
• Advanced Mix & Match
• Open Solo Jazz
• Advanced Solo Jazz
• Balkan Champions Cup (Advanced Strictly)
• Open Strictly Lindy
• Cabaret Division
• 30-Second Showcase
• Slow Dance Mix & Match
• Partner Slow Dance
• Invitational Mix & Match
• Invitational Strictly Lindy

* 6 hours of workshops with judges:

Nils Andrén & Bianca Locatell
Hector Artal & Sonia Ortega
Moe Sakan & Vincenzo Fesi
Felix Berghäll & Egle Regelskis

* 4 crazy parties with Heart of Dixie & master DJ’s
* Professional videos, photos and live-streaming
* Exclusive performances 
* Dancing tour in the heart of Plovdiv with live music!

Save the date and follow us for more!

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